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Poker Playbook Overview

Let Poker Playbook increase the fun of your next neighborhood poker night. With detailed rules and dealer instructions for 100 unique games, you can play a different game each hand and never repeat a game the whole night!

Poker Playbook includes game descriptions and step-by-step dealer rules for the following 100 games:





















Game Filtering & Search Capabilities

If you prefer certain types of games, maybe Draw Poker, or Stud Poker, or Hold’Em type games, you can use the filtering capability in Poker Playbook to limit your library to just those categories you like best.

You can also use the Search feature to filter games. We support searching across the Game Name, Category, and even full Description fields.

General Rules of the Game

For less experienced players, Poker Playbook also includes a glossary of general poker rules based on Bob Ciaffone’s well known Robert’s Rules of Poker. Use these rules to freshen your knowledge before the big game, or use them to settle a dispute during a game.

Poker Playbook also includes the standard poker hand rankings along with visual samples of each rank.

For more granular questions, consult the Poker Playbook Glossary of poker terms. This feature connects you directly to the Wikipedia Glossary of Poker Terms which puts hundreds of poker terms and definitions at your finger tips.

Poker Playbook can even help with the selection of your next game when you use the Random Game selection capability. And, don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the game. The detailed rules description will explain all the nuances of the game and the step-by-step dealer instructions will walk you through from initial card to the showdown.

Poker Playbook Lite

Not sure if you want to dramatically expand your poker game knowledge?

If so, then give Poker Playbook Lite a try. It’s our free entry-level application that offers all the same great functionality shown above, but only for a selection of 15 games in the library.

Give those games a try, and we’re sure that you’ll be itching to get the full version to enjoy the complete 100 game library.

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♠ 27 Triple Draw

♣ Auction

♥ Baseball

♦ Basic Guts

♣ Best Western

♥ Black Mariah Stud

♠ Blind Baseball

♥ Buy Your Card Substitution

♣ California High Low

♦ California Lowball

♥ Canadian Stud

♣ Choose Your Own

♦ Cincinnati Poker

♠ Count Your Diamonds

♣ Countdown

♦ Courchevel Poker

♣ Cowpie Poker

♦ Crazy Pineapple Poker

♥ Dakota

♠ Dirty Schultz

♣ Double Board Hold'Em

♦ Double Draw

♣ Dr. Pepper

♥ Draft

♦ Echo Stud

♠ Eight Card Stud

♥ Elevator

♠ English Stud

♣ Five Card Draw

♠ Flip Poker

♦ Follow the King

♥ Follow the Queen

♠ Four - Three

♥ Four Forty-Four

♠ Fourplay

♣ Free Enterprise

♠ H.O.R.S.E.

♦ Harem

♣ Have a Heart

♥ Heinz 57

♠ Henway

♥ High Chicago

♥ Homicide

♠ Honky Tonk

♣ Idiot Poker

♠ Iron Cross

♦ Jacks or Better, Trips to Win

♥ Johnson Draw Poker

♥ Kankakee

♠ Kansas City Poker

♣ Kentrel Stud Poker

♦ Kings and Little Ones

♠ Lame Brain Pete

♣ Little League Baseball

♠ Little Ones

♣ Low Chicago

♥ Manila Poker

♦ Mississippi Stud Poker

♣ Monte Carlo

♥ Omaha

♦ Omaha Hi Lo

♠ Pass the Trash

♣ Pick a Partner

♥ Pinatubo Poker

♦ Pineapple Poker

♣ Pregnant Threes

♥ Razz

♠ Roll Your Own (Mexican Stud)

♠ S.H.O.E.

♣ Screw Your Neighbor

♦ Second Hand High

♣ Sequence

♠ Seven / Twenty-seven

♦ Seven Card Stud

♠ Sevens Take All

♣ Shifting Sands

♦ Six Back to Five

♣ Six Card Stud

♠ Six Kick

♥ Six-Pack Poker

♠ Snowmen and Hockey Sticks

♣ Spit in the Ocean

♦ Stormy Weather

♣ Stud Loco

♦ Tahoe Poker

♥ Take It or Leave It

♠ Texas Hold'Em

♣ The Price is Right

♥ The Queen

♦ Thirteen / Thirty-three

♣ Three Card Monte

♥ Three to Five

♠ Tic-Tac-Toe Poker

♣ Trees

♥ Triple Draw

♣ Two and One

♦ Two to Seven (2 to 7)

♣ Wild Widow

♥ Winter Baseball

♠ Woolworth

Game Ratings and Customized Rules

With 100 games to sort through, how do you locate the ones your really like the best? If you’re using the new Poker Playbook game rating capability you’ll be able to sort your games based on your preference scores. Your 5 start games will be at the top of the list and ready to play.

Its inevitable that your poker buddies may have unique preferences for how to play certain games. If those differ from what’s in Poker Playbook, no problem! Just use the rule editor to customize the description to suit your needs.

Current Release Version is v4.0

Released: Nov 13, 2010           Release Notes